Personal Oath

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This is your statement. Remind yourself of who you are.

Personal Oath

I will move toward my fear and not run from it.  It helps me grow.

I will live as the person I want to become and not just the person I’ve been.  My past does not define my future.

I will accept my strengths as well as my flaws.  Always aim for growth.

I will work to accomplish my priorities each day.  I have 1,440 minutes.

I promise to let go of the things that are holding me back. I have too much to lose and refuse to sacrifice my innermost dreams and vision.

I will not gift my attention to distractions that pull at me the loudest.  My well-being is sacred.

I will speak lovingly to myself.  I believe in who I’m becoming.

I will choose my battles wisely.  Not everything is mine to fight.

I will forget the pains of the past but remember their lessons. That is not my dwelling place.

I promise to show grace and choose compassion.

I will choose myself. . .the one who is fearfully and wonderfully made.

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